YCIS Silicon Valley Summer Camps │ 2023

Summer at YCIS offers an exceptional educational experience for Kindergarten through Grade 6 students.

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YCIS Silicon Valley combines Chinese language/culture learning with rich activities and academic development in a nurturing, engaging, and fun environment. Our Summer Camps incorporate YCIS Silicon Valley’s pioneering practices in global education developed through more than 90 years of experience.

  • Experienced Chinese-speaking teachers and specialist subject teachers
  • Daily outdoor P.E. and sports
  • Fun Fridays of Water Day, Field Day, and Pizza Day in each session
  • An exhibition of the students’ work and grande finale performance on stage at the end of each camp session
  • Unique language learning catering to all levels of Chinese language ability – from beginners to native speakers


Each year, YCIS Silicon Valley Chinese Summer Camp covers three sections: 
  • Session 1: Science Dancing with Arts at YCIS Silicon Valley
  • Session 2: Literature and Multi-culture (in Mandarin)
  • Session 3: Hot Topic of the Year

Grades K-6 | Chinese Instruction 

Session 1 (2 weeks) │ Science Dancing with Arts at YCIS Silicon Valley June 12-23, 2023

At YCIS Silicon Valley, our mission is committed to aligning with – Science and Technology – Culture and Arts – Love and Charity; thus, we would love to offer YCIS Silicon Valley summer camp students a wonderful experience to navigate the excitement and complexity in a world where Science dances with Arts.

Science Dancing with Arts at YCIS Silicon Valley offers an inquiry based learning program to kids who find STEAM fun and meaningful. Students will create, build, experiment, and learn theories behind. They will also read related storybooks, write STEAM journals, and will have the opportunity to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to complete a real-world project, that is All In Chinese!

They will learn how to install telephones in a Dinosaur park, how a little mouse uses a computer, how to think as a crow, how machines work, secret messages hidden in painting masterpieces, and create their own scientific thinking steps.


Session 2 (3 weeks)│ Adventure Around the World │ June 26-July 14, 2023 (no camp on July 4th)

Join us on an exciting 14-day adventure around the world​ and fully immerse yourselves to experience different countries and cultures, landmarks, customs​, and so much more! Students will create their own passport and start a journey from the ​East to the ​West. They will learn fun ​and ​unique features about t​he ​various countries through ​​Folktales​ and Legends, Literary Masterworks, ​Food,​ Fashions​, ​Music​,​ Landmarks, ​Transportations, Climates, Sports,​ ​Holidays​ and Celebration,​ and even learn their languages​. Students will record the ​interesting places and activities and will contribute ideas to create travel brochures ​to present at the end of the session​. While on the journey, students will take away a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around them.


Session 3 (2 weeks)│ Hot Topic: Lost in Space │ July 17-28, 2023

Are you fascinated with the mysteries of outer space? Join us for an adventure and an exploration to the far reaches of the galaxy.
Lost in Space summer camp is designed to spark curiosity and creativity in young minds through a variety of engaging activities that include:

  • Learning about the planets, stars, and celestial objects through interactive demonstrations and experiments
  • Creating art projects inspired by space and extraterrestrial life, such as painting murals of galaxies, making models of planets, or designing costumes for alien characters, and more
  • Participating in group projects of designing and building a model of a Mars habitat or complete missions on a mock up of the Moon’s surface

Lastly, let’s build and launch our rockets and complete Space missions!

Camp Fees

Full-Day Camp 9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Session 1 (2 weeks): $1,080
  • Session 2 (3 weeks; except July 4th): $1,500
  • Session 3 (2 weeks): $1,080
Morning Care 8:00 am-9:00 am (optional)
  • Session 1 (2 weeks): $60
  • Session 2 (3 weeks; except July 4th): $84
  • Session 3 (2 weeks): $60
Extended Day 3:00 pm-5:30 pm (optional)
  • Session 1 (2 weeks): $200
  • Session 2 (3 weeks; except July 4th): $280
  • Session 3 (2 weeks): $200


Accepted Forms of Payment: Credit Card and Mail/Drop-off Checks

*Credit card payments will include a processing fee calculated at checkout



Early Registration Discount
  • Register by February 28th to receive $50 off each session


Multiple Session Discounts
  • Receive $20 off each session ($30 off for session 2) when you sign up for 2 sessions
  • Receive $100 off when you sign up for all 3 sessions


New Family Referral Discount

For each referral, both referral and referee families will receive a $20 discount on each new family registration transaction. There is no limit to how many new families can be referred. For example, if a family refers 2 new families, that referring family will receive a $40 discount, 3 referrals will receive $60, 4 new referrals will receive $80, etc.


To receive your discount: New families, please type the referring child’s name in the text box when prompted on the registration form.


Please Note: Referral discounts will be issued in late July.

Cancellation and Refund Policies


  • Cancel before May 1, 2023: Each session will be refunded at $150 less than the purchase price
  • Cancel on or after May 1, 2023: No refunds will be issued
  • Offline check payments will receive refund checks in July 2023
  • Session dates can be changed without fees before June 1, 2023 – based on space permitting
  • There are no prorations for partial sessions. No part of a camp will be refunded for missed days for any reason

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