YCIS Summer Preschool

Preschool Summer 2019

Welcome to a Summer of Fun!


The Preschool Summer Program offers themed explorations for YCIS students enrolled in the preschool. On a space available basis, entering PreKindergarten students (four years old) from other schools may join the Preschool Summer Program. There are four two-week camp sessions from June 17 to August 9, 2019. Each session culminates in a Big Event to celebrate learning.

Camp hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with half-day (8:00 a.m. to Noon) or full day (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) options also available.


Little Chef Around the World (June 17-28, 2019)

Are your children wanting to help you in the kitchen? During our Little Chef Around the World camp, children will have the opportunity to explore cuisines from all across the globe. They will be introduced to Italian food, French food, Mexican food, American food, Chinese food and more. They will learn about kitchen safety and the importance of hand washing and balanced nutrition. This session will have your children exploring with all of their senses! Ready….Set….Cook!  BIG EVENT:  My Healthy Body Puppet Show


Little Explorers!  We’re Going Camping! (July 1-12, 2019 – No Camp on July 4)

Calling all wilderness adventurers and nature lovers!  At Little Explorers camp, children will explore the great outdoors and learn how to camp under the stars. They will set up camp, sing camp songs, learn about the night sky, and more. See their creativity and imagination come to life as they create their own campsites. BIG EVENT:  Nature Walk and Picnic in the Park


Little Investigators! Bugs and Insects (July 15-26, 2019)

Does it fly? Does it crawl? Where does it live? During this session, children will explore the wonderful world of bugs. Grab your binoculars and let’s head outside!  Children will have the opportunity to investigate and learn about all types of bugs and insects. They will learn about their characteristics and transform into their favorites through dramatic play. We’re going on a bug hunt!  BIG EVENT: Insect Discovery Lab


Little Scientists! Ooey Gooey Fun (July 29-August 9, 2019)

Join us for some Ooey Gooey Sensory and Science fun! Children will turn into little scientists as they explore simple chemical reactions. Whether they like to dive right into slimy textures using their hands or prefer to keep clean and tidy, there is something for everyone!  We’ll explore Oobleck, Clean Mud, Kinetic Sand, Bubbles and Slime, just to name a few. Join our sensory extravaganza!  BIG EVENT:  Surprise Science!


Registration for Summer 2019 is open to YCIS students. If space is still available after current student registration, PreK camp sessions will be opened to new students (4 year olds) for summer only.


For more information about the Preschool Summer Session, contact Preschool Coordinator Vivian Qian at (650) 903 0986 or info@sv.ycef.com. The PreK camp is located in our preschool campus at 199 East Middlefield Road and is administered by our preschool administrative team.