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Native American Cultural Presentation Launches Month of Gratitude

Thank you, Kevin Locke, for sharing your culture with us!  Elementary students were treated to an interactive performance of Native American stories, songs and an amazing hoop dance.

Mr. Locke has been a cultural ambassador, storyteller and preeminent Northern Plains flute player representing his Lakota and Anishnabe heritage for 4o years. Having performed in over 90 countries around the world, he linked indigenous stories and beliefs of unity and bringing people together with his perspective as a global citizen. Students learned how the eagle raised up humanity from a great flood, how to sing a song with ancient sign language and how to use a hoop. The highlight of the performance was the Hoop of Life dance which tells a story of the unity of humankind through the linking of hoops.

In this month of Thanksgiving, gratitude is top of mind. Gratitude for one’s blessings is also deeply embedded in the indigenous culture, stories and songs Mr. Locke shared. What a wonderful way to remind us of all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives!


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