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5 Advantages an International School Will Give Your Child

Choosing a school is no small task. You want your child to be immersed in challenging academics, but more importantly, you want them to enjoy the learning process. You desire a small school feel with a close-knit community, but plenty of opportunities and enriching activities. You want to give your child a competitive edge and the opportunity to expand their horizons, but still allow them the time and space to be a kid, and enjoy the simplicity of childhood.

Have you thought about how an international school could offer these wonderful things to your child? Aside from the obvious benefit of a multicultural experience, there are several unique advantages of choosing an international school that parents often don’t discover until they see the results for themselves.

1. Your child will become a language lover and have their eyes opened to a whole new world.

Did you know that learning Mandarin alongside English activates both sides of the brain and even supports musical pitch perception? As students are exposed to stories, songs, and poems in two languages, they develop a love for language and a flexibility that allows them to become quick learners. 

2. Your child will thrive academically while building character and hitting critical areas of development. 

In small classes, teachers practice cross-curricular integration in their lessons, allowing students to build meaningful connections and partake in real-world problem solving. Students are mentored to develop character traits such as respect, generosity, commitment, honesty, and kindness, and take turns preparing bilingual character trait assemblies for the school. Social/emotional learning is a part of each school day and draws on the values and traditions of Eastern and Western cultures. Using songs, games, and discussions, English and Chinese teachers help students grow in their abilities to make friends, handle emotions, and solve problems.

3. Your child will gain leadership and critical thinking skills that will set them apart.

The very nature of international education equips students with sharp communication skills and allows them to become adaptable, critical thinkers. As they discover their unique passions in the arts, music, volunteering, and other areas, they have opportunities to lead while they learn, which boosts confidence in a powerful way. At YCIS, students design and lead many community service projects, taking agency of the learning process and solving real world problems.

4. Your child will grow up to become a responsible, compassionate citizen. 

A key component of an international education is caring for the world and its diverse people groups. Students develop a deep commitment to advocating for others and making a difference, not only in their own communities, but across the globe. As they lead and join in service projects, fundraisers, and community events, they become part of a legacy of service and develop a lifelong commitment to helping others.

5. Your child will get the best of the East and West, with unique opportunities in both worlds.

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We live in a new and fast-paced world, driven by advanced technology and innovation. Students who are exposed to Eastern and Western cultures and worldviews become globally aware citizens who understand the broad range of opportunities available to them. They go into the world with meaningful skills such as flexibility, creativity, critical thinking, and connection.


These are only some of the highlights of what an international education can offer your child. We encourage you to explore more of the specific opportunities students have at YCIS by visiting YCIS At a Glance or downloading our Parent Info Packet.

Give your child the confidence to explore, adapt and succeed as a globally aware citizen of our world. Learn more about YCIS.