Language & Cultural Fluency: Creating Flexible, Critical Thinkers


YCIS ignites a love of Chinese language and culture in our students — but the benefits of a bilingual education far surpass building cultural appreciation.  


By learning Mandarin and English simultaneously, your child will develop both language and cultural fluency; become a flexible, open thinker; and sharpen his or her critical communication skills. Here’s how:


The Brain Benefits

  • Higher intelligence: Studies show that students learning more than one language generally outperform their monolingual counterparts.
  • Boost in brain power: Bilingualism is a form of brain training — a mental “workout” that fine-tunes the mind and improves memory.
  • More grey matter: Bilingual brains have denser grey matter — which is responsible for muscle control, sensory perception, memory, emotions and speech.
  • Improved cognitive skills: Bilinguals have stronger executive functioning skills, which are used for planning, problem-solving and performing mentally demanding tasks.
  • Better literacy skills: Bilingual students have a deeper understanding of language structure, which is important for literacy.
  • Increased awareness: Bilinguals are better at observing their surroundings, filtering information and focusing on what is relevant.


The Cultural Connection

  • Global mindfulness: Learning another language opens the doors to new perspectives; cultivates respect for other cultures; and promotes positive cross-cultural relationships.
  • World readiness: Students who are bilingual, experienced in intercultural exchange, and have a sense of global responsibility have a competitive edge in the global marketplace.


By the time your child graduates from YCIS, he or she will be confident when listening, speaking, reading and writing in both Mandarin and English — and ready to continue learning and using Mandarin throughout life.

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Whole-Person Education: Growing Hearts and Minds


At YCIS, your child will not only become an outstanding academic performer, but also an outstanding human being. YCIS students develop compassion, empathy and a strong moral compass as they learn to excel in a competitive world.


Respect • Friendship • Creativity • Gratitude • Generosity • Commitment • Kindness • Patience • Peace • Honesty


YCIS helps students build character through learning and life experience.

  • Each month, students explore one core character trait in both English and Mandarin, reflecting upon themselves and others as they practice putting the traits into action
  • Students learn how to work successfully in groups of all sizes, cultures and dynamics
  • Older students learn to be role models for younger students as reading buddies or in activities across grade levels


Active learning puts students’ interests and natural curiosity at the center of the classroom.

  • Teachers have the flexibility to integrate subjects and skill areas
  • Our curriculum thoughtfully incorporates technology (1:1 Chromebooks in grades 3 and up, 1:4 iPads in grades K-2)
  • Students learn real-world problem solving with Singapore Math and FOSS Science
  • Robotics & programming courses give Middle School students a leading edge
  • Classroom learning integrates music, arts, crafts and building so that students learn through all the senses
  • Outdoor play happens several times per day — students enjoy playing sports with teachers and taking part in our informal “Yew Chung Football League (YFL)”


We believe that our commitment to global education, combined with our work to promote each child’s inner moral compass, will enable tomorrow’s generation to lead a more compassionate, understanding world.


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Creative Path to Leadership: Exploring Unique Gifts


Our low student-to-teacher ratio and small group learning style will encourage your child to grow creatively through the arts and music, develop sought-after leadership skills and service, and explore his or her unique gifts.


From finger-painting in preschool to Chinese dancing in 5th grade, students revel in opportunities for self-expression.


YCIS classrooms are bursting with passion and creativity.

  • YCIS is one of very few schools that begins violin instruction in Kindergarten
  • Lunchtime choirs and school concerts surround our community with song
  • Students learn art history, global perspectives, mixed media and art techniques
  • Arts Day celebrates fine arts with parent- and guest-led workshops
  • Students create bilingual skits, videos, poetry and more to present at school assemblies
  • Middle School classrooms are designed for collaboration and creativity, with no front or back and mobile desk chairs
  • After-school enrichment classes allow students to explore new interests in art, drama, math, science, soccer, martial arts and more

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Did You Know? Violin is the ideal instrument for supporting language acquisition. It uses both sides of the brain and enhances children’s reasoning skills while helping them develop patience, concentration, coordination and discipline.


At YCIS, creativity and exploration provide a path to leadership. We encourage children to dream, to create, to question, to embrace new points of view … and to prepare to become the flexible leaders of tomorrow.


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Sense of Social Responsibility: Upholding a Legacy of Service


As a YCIS student, your child will learn to care deeply for the world and its people. This legacy of service, which began with the school’s founding in Hong Kong more than 80 years ago, lives on through student service work and community involvement.


YCIS students develop a caring attitude toward people and the environment.

  • Middle School students plan and carry out their own service projects, which have true impact on our community
  • Students host events to raise money for Seeds of Hope Charity, which helps build schools and create educational opportunities in rural China
  • Elementary students explore ways to put character traits into action by planning simple, age-appropriate service projects with teacher guidance
  • Preschoolers learn the importance of service work in the classroom and from guest speakers, and take part in community service activities


A legacy of goodness, honesty and compassion with confidence.  


Since Madam Tsang Chor-hang founded the first Yew Chung School in Hong Kong in 1932, through today’s success under her daughter Dr. Betty Chan Po-king, its mission has held steadfast:


“To harness the power of education to raise globally competent servant leaders enacting their God-given potential, transforming aspiration into action for the betterment of local and global communities.”


As part of the YCIS family of schools, we proudly uphold this mission and help our students live it every day.


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International Perspective: Gaining a Competitive Edge


By blending Eastern and Western language, cultures and worldviews, YCIS students gain the skills needed to adapt and succeed as globally aware citizens.


This dynamic education, which is continuously advancing thanks to our connection with the YCIS family of international schools, provides the broad and meaningful skills your child will need in our fast-paced, technological world.


Our unique cross-cultural teaching model creates the ideal bilingual learning environment.

  • Students enjoy low student-to-teacher ratios (8:1 schoolwide)
  • English and Mandarin teachers co-teach in preschool, working in tandem
  • Cross-cultural teaching in Elementary and Middle School combines Eastern and Western learning styles
  • Teachers model respect and open-mindedness to different perspectives


At YCIS, learning is doing — and students do learning in the classroom and across the globe.


YCIS students have ample opportunities to see, touch, taste, help and experience other cultures through:

  • International and out-of-state trips, such as the 5th Grade Class Trip to Beijing
  • Seeds of Hope charity concert in China
  • Walden West outdoor science education
  • Field trips for fine arts, Chinese, Social Studies and more


YCIS gives students a new and profoundly deep appreciation of both East and West, providing a diverse learning environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds.


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Welcoming Community: Forging Lifelong Friendships


YCIS families and faculty come together to encourage children to grow into purposeful, intentional individuals. Parents play a key role in campus life and have ample opportunities to get involved.


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Events and traditions bring our community together to celebrate our spirits and talents.

  • Founder’s Day
  • Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
  • Imagination Day
  • Movie Nights
  • Read Across America
  • Arts Day
  • Science Day
  • Chinese New Year Gala
  • International Day
  • Winter and Spring Concerts
  • Field Day
  • End-of-Year Family Picnic


Overall, YCIS feels like a family. Teachers, parents and students create a community life that enriches the heart and grows the mind.


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