Whole-Person Education: Growing Hearts and Minds


At YCIS, your child will not only become an outstanding academic performer, but also an outstanding human being. YCIS students develop compassion, empathy and a strong moral compass as they learn to excel in a competitive world.


Respect • Friendship • Creativity • Gratitude • Generosity • Commitment • Kindness • Patience • Peace • Honesty


YCIS helps students build character through learning and life experience.

  • Each month, students explore one core character trait in both English and Mandarin, reflecting upon themselves and others as they practice putting the traits into action
  • Students learn how to work successfully in groups of all sizes, cultures and dynamics
  • Older students learn to be role models for younger students as reading buddies or in activities across grade levels


Active learning puts students’ interests and natural curiosity at the center of the classroom.

  • Teachers have the flexibility to integrate subjects and skill areas
  • Our curriculum thoughtfully incorporates technology (1:1 Chromebooks in grades 3 and up, 1:4 iPads in grades K-2)
  • Students learn real-world problem solving with Singapore Math and FOSS Science
  • Robotics & programming courses give Middle School students a leading edge
  • Classroom learning integrates music, arts, crafts and building so that students learn through all the senses
  • Outdoor play happens several times per day — students enjoy playing sports with teachers and taking part in our informal “Yew Chung Football League (YFL)”


We believe that our commitment to global education, combined with our work to promote each child’s inner moral compass, will enable tomorrow’s generation to lead a more compassionate, understanding world.


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