International Perspective: Gaining a Competitive Edge


By blending Eastern and Western language, cultures and worldviews, YCIS students gain the skills needed to adapt and succeed as globally aware citizens.


This dynamic education, which is continuously advancing thanks to our connection with the YCIS family of international schools, provides the broad and meaningful skills your child will need in our fast-paced, technological world.


Our unique cross-cultural teaching model creates the ideal bilingual learning environment.

  • Students enjoy low student-to-teacher ratios (8:1 schoolwide)
  • English and Mandarin teachers co-teach in preschool, working in tandem
  • Cross-cultural teaching in Elementary and Middle School combines Eastern and Western learning styles
  • Teachers model respect and open-mindedness to different perspectives


At YCIS, learning is doing — and students do learning in the classroom and across the globe.


YCIS students have ample opportunities to see, touch, taste, help and experience other cultures through:

  • International and out-of-state trips, such as the 5th Grade Class Trip to Beijing
  • Seeds of Hope charity concert in China
  • Walden West outdoor science education
  • Field trips for fine arts, Chinese, Social Studies and more


YCIS gives students a new and profoundly deep appreciation of both East and West, providing a diverse learning environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds.


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