Creative Path to Leadership: Exploring Unique Gifts


Our low student-to-teacher ratio and small group learning style will encourage your child to grow creatively through the arts and music, develop sought-after leadership skills and service, and explore his or her unique gifts.


From finger-painting in preschool to Chinese dancing in 5th grade, students revel in opportunities for self-expression.


YCIS classrooms are bursting with passion and creativity.

  • YCIS is one of very few schools that begins violin instruction in Kindergarten
  • Lunchtime choirs and school concerts surround our community with song
  • Students learn art history, global perspectives, mixed media and art techniques
  • Arts Day celebrates fine arts with parent- and guest-led workshops
  • Students create bilingual skits, videos, poetry and more to present at school assemblies
  • Middle School classrooms are designed for collaboration and creativity, with no front or back and mobile desk chairs
  • After-school enrichment classes allow students to explore new interests in art, drama, math, science, soccer, martial arts and more


Did You Know? Violin is the ideal instrument for supporting language acquisition. It uses both sides of the brain and enhances children’s reasoning skills while helping them develop patience, concentration, coordination and discipline.


At YCIS, creativity and exploration provide a path to leadership. We encourage children to dream, to create, to question, to embrace new points of view … and to prepare to become the flexible leaders of tomorrow.


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