Global Connections:  YCIS Schools Network

YCIS Silicon Valley is proud to be part of the YCIS family of international schools. Founded in 1932 by Madam Tsang Chor-hang in Hong Kong, Yew Chung has been inspiring students to strive for academic and personal excellence for 85 years. Under the vision and leadership of the founder’s daughter, Dr Betty Chan Po-king, Yew Chung International Schools grew from a pioneering early childhood program into a global network of international schools.


Today, YCIS schools serve thousands of nursery through secondary students in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Qingdao and here in Silicon Valley. While each school is independently registered and operated, all YCIS schools share the same philosophy and commitment to global education. Students enrolled at YCIS schools may transfer to other YCIS schools through our Internal Network.

Dr Chan

Message from
Dr. Betty Chan Po-king

Dr. Betty Chan Po-king, CEO and School Supervisor of the Yew Chung Education Foundation which oversees all YCIS schools, shares Yew Chung’s vision for a global education that embraces both East and West:

Learning and Implementation Impacts an Ever-Changing World


Yew Chung education commenced with my mother’s perceptive insight during the 1930s; development and expansion has continued throughout the 80 years since. Our commitment to education today recognises the necessity for thinking and acting from insular to universal. YCIS strives to diversify and reshape the path of education according to our ever-changing world. The necessity of such preparation for our youth remains our paramount responsibility through global education.


What is the true purpose of education? The implementation of a broad and meaningful international curriculum content, commencing in early childhood, extending through Primary and Secondary education makes the key impact on the child. International education should be based on building multiple skills, over and above just acquired knowledge of facts, for future implementation.


A child is a true creation from influences both of the home and learning environment; teachers play a key role, as do parents. The world today is more competitive than ever, bringing unpredictable challenges and new situations. Parents have a strong sense of responsibility in choosing a school to help prepare their child for the unknown future. The evolving world dynamics have sought and forced responsible changes upon us; YCIS constantly adapts accordingly. At YCIS, we hold precedence over the content and quality of teaching and learning above all considerations.


A YCIS student, on our unique education journey, is immersed in the Eastern and Western cultures whilst acquiring a high proficiency in English and Chinese; unifying in high bi-lingual skills. Our students gain a new and profoundly deep appreciation of the two spectrums. We have a responsibility to provide a diverse learning environment welcoming students from all backgrounds.


Interlinked with our commitment to global education is the vision to promote the inner moral compass; this balance will enable tomorrow’s generation to take the helm and steer their way through human complexities, enabling them to exhibit goodness, honesty and compassion with confidence. Our responsibility today will lead to a more stable world in the future. After all, it is the learning that will impact and transform the future.


Dr Betty Chan Po-king
CEO & School Supervisor
Yew Chung Education Foundation